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Company introduction

Dongguan city Yuexiu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Dongguan city Yuexiu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in November 11, 2004, from "China carving village", "China building village" -- Huian county is located in the famous historical and cultural city; Guangdong Dongguan City, registered capital of 12000000 yuan, the paid in capital of 12000000 yuan, the company has office building more than 4000 square meters; stone products production processing workshop 3500 square meters; the finished product display area of 1800 square meters, 2500 square meters of raw materials yard. The scale of the enterprises in Dongguan in the same industry forefront arrangement. The company implements the executive general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors, management department under the engineering department, the contract budget department, quality management department, design department, purchasing department, Ministry of personnel, Ministry of Finance and other enterprises. Has a staff of 117 people, including senior technical titles and management personnel 9, intermediate technical titles 28 management staff, the primary technical titles 31 management personnel, ordinary workers 49.

The company's main building curtain wall engineering, decoration engineering, ancient garden project, large-scale special building materials, architectural decoration, carving, stone carving, sculpture style temple, relief and all kinds of stone products, is a building curtain wall engineering design and construction, garden ancient architecture engineering design and construction, building decoration engineering design and construction, stone processing, installation design, architectural decoration, is one of the integrated enterprise, is Dongguan and Guangdong stone, building curtain wall industry ranked the forefront of enterprise.

Along with the social economy is increasingly prosperous, urban and rural construction gradually standardized, the real estate industry and orderly development of stone industry, to provide a broader space for development. Domestic consumption will increase rapidly. Building materials industry, stone is a non-toxic, tasteless, non polluting products, in Jiezhuang market has also been more widely used. According to statistics, Chinese decoration sector GDP accounted for GDP15%, stone industry is confronted with hitherto unknown development opportunity, good prospects.

Stone products business activities in line with national industrial policy, technology policy, regional policy and environmental policy, but also in line with the bank's credit policy.

The company has a stable contract engineering channels, has fixed large customers (such as Guangdong China Everbright, Guangdong Biguiyuan, Shenzhen Vanke etc.) year contract construction projects a total of more than 90000000. With a relatively stable sales network and supply channels. Marketing strategy and market demand changes in the company take to adapt, product positioning and market segmentation, in line with the actual. Contract stone engineering are mainly distributed in Dongguan, Foshan, Qingyuan, Guangzhou province and Jiangsu in Wuxi region, Jiangyin province city. In order to have a be trained with regularity of the construction team, with the level of construction technology of skilled and rich management ability and experience, have strong advantages in the competition in the.

The company has always been the pursuit of excellent quality, pay attention to scientific management, continuous innovation. "Pioneering, truth-seeking, high-quality, high efficiency" is the Dongguan city Yuexiu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. into twenty-first Century's motto, the group will continue to adhere to the "talent as the basis, to the quality of survival, to win credibility, with services to innovation tree brand, to management for efficiency, to improve the extension development", wholeheartedly with the community and customers at home and abroad to cooperate hand in hand, to create a boutique.

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Address: Dongguan City Dalingshan Town Wando long road Yang Wu Road No. 2 (Hu Gang high-speed Dalingshan export)

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